The Funny Factor

19 Jan

A couple of weeks ago Seldon came home from school upset. He said, “Mom, I’m not the funniest kid in my classroom anymore.” He was very upset. He went on to explain, “I’m only the third funniest,” as he was shaking his head in despair. This was important to him. I, in my best Mom voice, told him that everyone thinks he’s very funny. I told him “don’t try too hard to be funny because it doesn’t work; just say funny things when you think of them.” He accepted this idea, or he seemed to. I’ve never strived to pump up the funny factor. I think this must be mostly a male concern.

I’m not all that quick witted, but I think I happen to have a fabulous sense of humor. I can pass along funny stories, but I’m not very good at making stuff up, at least not funny stories. I hate those email jokes you get from people you barely speak to. I don’t read them, and never forward them. However, like most of us, when I find something funny I love to share…

I love the new sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. A few weeks ago we noticed this screen of writing that flashes so briefly it is impossible to read. After every episode of a Chuck Lorre Production, you see what is called a vanity card. With the PVR we’re able to pause the screen and read it, and they’re hilarious. So, tonight after the show I googled Chuck Lorre Productions and found every vanity card he’d ever written.  Check it out:


One Response to “The Funny Factor”

  1. Michael January 19, 2009 at 11:35 PM #

    Its true! Being funny is a guy thing because it helps our cause with those of the feminine persuasion, most of whom always rank “sense of humor” high on the list of desirable male qualities when they fabricate responses to “What do you find attractive in guys” to avoid coming across as shallow.

    If it comes up again, remind your son that Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team.

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