Where I’m From

22 Jan

I am from Cherry Blossoms
and Mars and the Milky Way
From Baseball Hill at the top of Mud Alley
and kick-the-can

I am from echoes of
“Pull yourself up by the boot straps”
and “let’s roll dogos.” I am from The Ed Sullivan Show
and Hockey Night in Canada
From skiing through the woods
and pitch on a brand new axe

I’m from “I’ll Fly Away”
and rosebuds on cake
and pie cut in quarters

I’m from “Blue Suede Shoes”
and Raquel Welsh with a chuckle
from Treasure Island
and countless other stories told over
and over, and over.

These memories and more
and an abundance of new ones
Live on in the hearts of my children
as they search to discover Where I’m From


2 Responses to “Where I’m From”

  1. Carolee LeBlanc January 23, 2009 at 11:26 PM #

    Hey there; I love the above…especially as I came from “Mud Alley”.

    Regarding the wine crock…in my mum’s words..”Carolee like old junk!” 🙂 I prefer to say I like the look of a farm house a hundred years ago…but with a dishwasher! 😉 You’ll have to stop by and see my “old junk” sometime!

    Carolee…who misses you and Glen and the “old” bible study

  2. Glenn January 27, 2009 at 9:34 AM #

    That is where you’re from… I love this… great job!

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