Hence the name

26 Jan

I knew at some point I’d need to explain. So, before anyone asks, here it is…

Approximately nine years ago, when my mother started to play hearts online she assumed the screen name mudtutle. Shortly after, I began to enjoy online card games and I assumed the screen name wildmudturtle. My daughter’s uses minimudturtle, and my son uses muddymudturtle when he needs a screen name. Even though mom was the first to use mudturtle as a screen name, I believe I have the authentic pseudonym.

If you know my father well, you know that he has a vocabulary that is uniquely his own. Growing up we had a dog named Bear, but Dad affectionately called him fart face dog. I remember complaining to him once that my fourth grade teacher wouldn’t let me be excused to the bathroom. He told me to ask her if her mother wore army boots… good thing I knew better.

When we were kids, we’d get ready to go somewhere as a family and he’d always be the first one ready. He’d never get very angry when we kept him waiting, he’d just stand by the front door and yell, “Let’s roll dogos!” Then, when everyone was in the car, and we were backing out of the drive way he’d say, “We’re off, like a pack of wild mud turtles.”

Most of the odd things my dad would say were kind of funny, and truthfully he sang most of these things. I can still remember him coming into my room to wake me singing, “Rise and shine in the early morning” or “Roll or bowl a ball a penny a pitch”. So he wasn’t completely original in all his sayings/singings, but he was certainly happy, and a happy father makes for a content child.

Thanks dad, for so much more than a screen name worth writing about.


One Response to “Hence the name”

  1. Carolee LeBlanc January 27, 2009 at 9:04 AM #

    I wondered about the name! I love reading about the upbringing of people I know…I can soooo picture the above stories!

    Have good day!

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