Why do we have children?

8 Nov

On Saturday morning I sent Seldon downstairs to get bread and orange juice out of the freezer. He cam up and said that there was something wrong with the freezer because there was water on the floor in front of it. Glenn went down to check, and sure enough, the freezer had been left open… again. This has happened more than once.

We were lucky this time. We didn’t lose much. However, I had to spend time over the weekend that I didn’t plan on cooking meat that had thawed. We had ribs for supper on Saturday night, even though we were planning on having steak, but that wasn’t one of the items that thawed. I sliced and cooked pork tenderloin for sweet and sour pork and Glenn and I made meatballs. I still have to cook a chicken breast, four pork chops, and ten pork skewers. Supper is planned for the next couple of days. We ended up throwing out three boxes of thawed chicken burgers and two boxes of chicken nuggets. We cooked one box of chicken nuggets and that’s all we had yesterday for lunch. Seldon was thrilled. He said, “My dream has come true, ten chicken nuggets for lunch.” I still have another box in the refrigerator. I guess that’s what we get for stock-piling chicken nuggets.

If you’re in the market for a deep freezer, I’d suggest buying a chest freezer rather than an upright. If you buy upright, stay away from Kenmore. I shouldn’t bash upright freezers or Kenmore because it was more human error than anything else. However, I think it is impossible to accidently leave a chest freezer open, but the upright one has been left open several times, usually by one of the children, in our house. This time, I think Glenn is going to fashion some kind of latch that will ensure it has been closed. We tried locking in after the last time, but that was just a huge pain in the butt. The other option is to never send the kids downstairs to the freezer. But let’s face it, isn’t that one of the reasons we had kids in the first place, to make them go get stuff for us?


One Response to “Why do we have children?”

  1. Glenn November 9, 2010 at 8:36 AM #

    I’m so glad to see that you are FINALLY getting the reason we have children… took you long enough! 😉

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