Messy Bessie

9 Nov

Yesterday my husband blogged about his propensity toward neatness.  It’s true, he’s a self proclaimed neat-freak. But I must say, he absolutely knew what he was getting into when he married me. Me, I’m a Messy Bessie! When Glenn and I were dating long distance, I’d take photos of my bedroom in utter disarray and send them to him, so he’d know. I knew he was a neat-freak and I knew my messes would get to him.

I often tell him he should open a small business organizing for others. He’d be fantastic. However, living with my husband for almost eight years now has taught me a thing or two. I’ve learned that you can’t simply organize for someone else and expect them to have the skills to keep it that way. I’ve learned that neatness helps to reduce stress, big time! I’ve also learned that there’s a big difference between neat and clean; our house is always neat and sometimes it’s clean too.

I love our neat house! What I don’t love is cooking and finding the ingredients I just took out of the panty to use put back before I use them, and feeling like I have to clean up right away or it’ll be done for me. Now I know that second one sounds good to some of you reading this who wish your husband would at least clean up after himself. But, when I leave something a mess and my husband starts to clean it up, I don’t feel like I can sit and let him do it. Once in a while it’s okay, but he would do it every time. He says he doesn’t mind, and that he’s the one that can’t handle the mess. He doesn’t expect me to clean on his timetable, but I still feel like I can’t relax while he cleans up after me. You understand, don’t you? I know, I know, I have it rough, right?

I wouldn’t trade my awesome neat-freak hubby and our wonderful neat, kinda clean home for anything! The second biggest thing I’ve learned over the last eight years of living with my polar opposite (at least when it comes to neatness and organization) is that opposites can coexist well together, as long as they continue putting each other first. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I am the lucky one!


2 Responses to “Messy Bessie”

  1. Leanne November 10, 2010 at 12:09 AM #

    I’m a messy bessy living with a neatnick, too (although admittedly not to the extent that your hubby is!) I totally get your frustration with him cleaning up after you! I just can’t relax when I know he’s working to clean up my mess. We should start a support group — Messy Wives of Neat Freaks Unite!

  2. Angela November 10, 2010 at 7:13 PM #

    Puleez!! What I would do for a husband that would pick up after me!!! One messy husband, two messy sons, two dogs that have the audacity to shed, occasionally poop and leave their toys everywhere, two cats who haven’t the common curtusy to shake their cat litter laden paws before tracking it all over the house and who bring me their headless bloody prey on a daily basis….I long for the day that I watch someone willingly clean up my mess….so jealous Debbie. I long for your existance 🙂

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