Ready, Set… Not yet!

12 Nov

I LOVE Christmas, but I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready to start planning; I’m not ready to start shopping or decorating. Oh I’ve done a little bit of shopping, but it was the easy stuff. I’m not even really ready for winter. I’m searching for the pause button. Stop the world for a few minutes, I want to get off.

Tonight we were taking Seldon to his basketball game and I saw Christmas lights. It just seems too early. I realize Christmas is only six weeks away, in fact six weeks from right now is Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to Christmas more this year than I have in the last few years. This year is the first year in a few that we’ll just be staying home and I don’t have course work to think about. I want to enjoy it, just not yet.

My favourite part of Christmas is relaxing  at home once the house is cleaned and decorated. Sitting by my lit tree with a steaming cup of coffee, or watching a Christmas movie with my family is just about the coziest thing I can imagine. Searching through last year’s photos to find the perfect one to share has allowed me to start to think about planning for this year without too much stress.

This is our manger scene, a gift to me from my wonderful husband in 2004, the first year we were married. Setting up the manger scene is my favourite thing to do when we’re decorating the house for Christmas.

I always tell my students that writing is cathartic, and then I usually have to define cathartic for them. I say this because it is my experience. Oddly enough, writing about how I’m not ready for Christmas to be this close, has readied me just a bit. Now I think I might be a little closer to the right frame of mind that I need to start dealing with the extra work Christmas brings. However, if I could, I’d wave my magic wand and it would all be done–the cleaning, the decorating, the tree, everything, but there’d be one finishing touch I’d lovingly complete. I’d set up our manger scene on our freshly dusted and polished table all by myself.


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