13 Nov

This morning I decided I’d clean the bathrooms while Glenn was working on the basement. Then, I had a genius idea. I decided I should make a list of the things I’d like the children to do. It was pretty simple, not something I hadn’t done before, but I’d never written a list quite like this one. Not only did the kids jump in and start doing the chores on their list, but they did it pretty happily. Savanna had her headphones and she was all good, and Seldon waged war with the swiffer and vacuum.

When Glenn came upstairs for lunch and saw the list with half the items crossed out he asked, “What did you promise them?”

“Samosas.” We bought samosas at the market this morning; they were getting them for lunch either way.

I was nearly giddy while cleaning the bathroom when I realized everyone in our house was working together to make our house cleaner and better.

If you examine my list it looks like I gave the youngest the most chores, but he did them quickly and was the first one done. Was it up to my standards? No way! Did I get after him to do a better job? A little, but let’s face it, the swiffer pads he threw out were full of dust and grime that is no longer hanging out on my floor. I’m not going to complain. He seemed to have fun doing it too. Savanna’s list contained things she was accustomed to doing, just not all in one day. She worked along getting everything done without complaint. If you know fourteen year old girls, you know why I’m proud of her. My list is the shortest and I was the only one who didn’t complete everything. However, I worked longer than the kids did because that’s the mom’s job. Right? Oh yeah, and ‘Halloween’ is all in one spot, I just have to box it up and put it away.

While we were cleaning I walked through the kitchen and Seldon was standing by the list with the marker in hand asking, “Mom, did you finish the bathrooms yet?” I said that I hadn’t but had to explain to him that he was only allowed to cross off his own items because everyone likes the satisfaction of crossing their own items off the list. I might be on to something with this list thing!


One Response to “Genius”

  1. Leanne November 14, 2010 at 6:53 PM #

    Great idea! I think I’ll try it next Saturday!

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