Spay Incontinence

14 Nov

Five days ago we had our little ZuZu spayed. She was such a good girl and was so happy to see us when we picked her up. She seemed to go through the whole ordeal without a hitch. She was a little slower than usual for a couple of days, but we made sure to limit her activity. Her scar seems to be healing nicely and she seems to back to herself again now, with one exception. Even though she’s be house trained for a couple of months, she’s urinating on the floor at least once a day ever since she was spayed.

The first few times we chalked it up to recovering from her surgery. Then, I wondered if perhaps the animal hospital let her go inside instead of taking her out to do her business. Maybe 24 hours of doing her business inside made her regress a little. But, Glenn didn’t think so. So, tonight when I sat down to blog and struggled with what I would write about I began to find other things to do online. I decided to google “bladder control problems after being spayed” and boy was I shocked. I didn’t realize that ‘spay incontinence’ was even a concern. Ugh!

Coincidently, as soon I finished reading about spay incontinence, someone from the animal hospital called to see how ZuZu was doing. Now I’m really concerned. I hope this is something that will pass. I doubt it is a UTI because there is no offensive odor and she doesn’t seem to be struggling to pee. If it is spay incontinence, she could need hormone replacement therapy. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.


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