My List

16 Nov

Yesterday I posted a huge list of all the things I aim to accomplish in the next 15 months, before my fortieth birthday. It took me most of the evening to create my list so I didn’t write much about it. I wanted to take the time to explain some of my choices but it was getting late. Besides, after some of the comments today, I think I better explain a few of these.

For instance, my husband is a huge fan of short haircuts for women. I’ve had my hair cut short before, but never really short. I’ve always wanted to be brave enough to get a really short cut. This list seemed like the perfect motivation to make me do it. If I don’t like it, it’ll grow back. Right?

My husband and I have sat together to watch the sunset on several occasions, but never the sunrise. I’ve watched it alone and would describe the experience as a spiritual one. I long to have the discipline to get out of bed on time, on a morning that I have the time to get a cup of coffee and watch the sunset with my husband. I’d like to do the same thing with each of my kids too, but getting them to be as excited about it as I am could be an issue.

The catholic mass because I’d like to introduce my children to other ways people worship, and because Glenn grew up catholic it seems like a logical place to start. Plus I love the ritualistic nature to the services, something our church has completely gotten away from.

Some of the things I’ve done before, but not for a long time and I’d like to do it again like downhill skiing and horseback riding. There are other things that I’ve never tried but always wanted to, like white water rafting and kayaking. Then there are the things I added to the list just to give me a really good excuse to do them, like getting a pedicure and massage on the same day and spending the whole day in my PJ’s watching movies. A few of my list items must seem really random or small, like giving cantaloupe another shot or the baking I want to do. But, these are things I want to do that I’d probably otherwise put off. I balanced those ones off with a few ostentatious goals, like some of the travel and definitely writing a novel is really ambitious.

I can’t explain each item on my list, but if one really perplexes you… ask me about it. I’ll certainly go into more detail about each item, and my reasons for including it on my list as I complete and blog about it. Now, I wonder which one I should do first?


One Response to “My List”

  1. awoodlandrose November 20, 2010 at 8:03 PM #

    Deb,I know that the Catholic Church is a simple place to start but no real differences (all Christian). Try Hare Krishna – they have wonderful creamsickle-colored robes and chanting that you cannot understand. That would be showing them new! Seldon used to say he was doing yoga – a good fit.

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