Obligatory Post

19 Nov

If this were not NaBloPoMo, I would be in bed by now! It’ 11:15 and I’ve had one very long day, and I’m just about done in. We left right after school today to go to Nackawic to watch Savanna play basketball. We got there at half time, and Savanna already had four fouls. One more and she’d be out of the game. Sure enough, only a couple of minutes into the third quarter, she fouled out. Ugh! It was only five o’clock and the next game wasn’t until 7:45.

After the game, we went to a little gas station diner. The girls all sat together at one big table and the parents sat together in a bunch of smaller tables. Most of the parents got their food and had eaten it way before the girls got served. By the time everyone had eaten we had to rush back to the gym, but when we arrived we discovered there was no need to rush. The schedule was running late and we didn’t get to play until almost nine o’clock. With the 40 minute drive home, that explains why I’m so late blogging tonight.

At least Savanna got to play the entire second game. Near the end of the fourth quarter she found herself in a tight spot, holding the ball and sandwiched between two opposing players. The collided and Savanna found herself at the bottom of a three person pile-up. She got the wind knocked out of her, and couldn’t breathe. While she was on the floor the other team understandably took the opportunity for a time out. However, while she was still on the floor the other team began to cheer. I hope it was just a big mistake, but seemed to be done in very bad taste. They seemed to realize what was going on when they emerged from their huddle and gave a half-hearted cheer as she finally got up and walked off the court.

It was a night of firsts for her: first tournament of her high school years, first time having the wind knocked out of her (scary when you don’t realize what’s happening), and her very first ever player of the game. She played well; it was well deserved.

So that’s what you get, when I’m this tired you get what’s on my mind. It’s probably incoherent in places or riddled with typos and spelling error, but I’ll have to fix those tomorrow because now I’m finally going to bed! We’ve got to get up and make that 40 minute drive back early tomorrow morning to a small NB town with no Tim Hortons. Ugh! At least the basketball will be good.


One Response to “Obligatory Post”

  1. Leanne November 20, 2010 at 12:57 PM #

    Nackawick has no Tim Hortons? Someone could take advantage of that and make a lot of money! I have written lots of late night posts like this. Shows how committed you are!

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