Email Bankruptcy

24 Nov

I have 2238 emails sitting in my work email account at this moment. That doesn’t count the thirty or so I just deleted in the last half hour. Someone, somewhere in the province mistakenly sent out an email to every teacher in the province. It had nothing to do with me, she recalled it minutes later, but it was too late. Now teachers from all over the province are responding, saying it has nothing to do with them, please take them out of the distribution list (which is impossible), and even teachers tell other to stop replying all. With each new email… beep beep, there’s another one, I find myself becoming more and more aggravated. How can professionals not realize what is happening, instead they’re adding to the madness.

That little rant was a diversion from my real topic. Yes, I have 2238 emails, well actually 2240 because in the time it took me to write the (2241) above paragraph the stupid “this was not meant for me” emails keep pouring in. I had over 2600 emails last week but I took a whole hour to go through and delete one I didn’t need or transfer the ones I wanted to keep to a different folder. At that rate it’ll take me a whole day to go through my emails to whittle them down to a reasonable and manageable quantity. And, let’s face it, if you know me at all, you’d know I’d just be in the same situation in a few months.

I’m usually very careful when deleting email. I’m choosey because I’m worried that after I delete an email pertaining to me, I might need it again for future reference. So, I’m reluctant to delete it. I leave my work email sitting on the server because if I downloaded it to outlook I’d never delete any of it. Usually I get an automated message from the server telling me I have to delete because my inbox is reaching its limit and soon I won’t be able to receive any more emails. That is what usually kicks me into delete mode. Well, I haven’t received one of those emails in a very long time. The powers that be in ‘serverland’ must have granted me extra space.

I want a fresh start! It would be a blessing if somehow all of my emails got mistakenly deleted. So, please cheer me on, and join me if you dare, because I’m declaring email bankruptcy! I’m going to keep the email from November and sort through those and I’m deleting EVERYTHING else. I figure if I delete something important I’ll have to get the information some other way. This goes for my sent folder too, which is almost as bad. Okay, ready, set, there they go! How freeing!


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