#29 Try New Restaurant

27 Nov

My husband and I have a Saturday morning ritual. We roll out of bed around 7 AM and pull on something comfortable and don hats to hide our bedhead. We make coffee to take with us, then go to the Boyce’s Farmers Market for local vegetables and meat. Sometimes for a treat we buy cheesecake, samosas, bundles, kettle corn, or nuts, just never all on the same day. Occasionally, after our trip to the market we’ll go for breakfast. The Cabin is our favourite place, but we sometimes go to The Sunshine Diner or Jack & Andy’s. Today we tried a new place.

We went to a little basement cafe in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre called Sweet Belgian Desire. Their specialty is Belgian waffles. I’m not much for pancakes and waffles. I like them alright but if I have a choice I’d choose eggs and bacon 95% of the time. But, I couldn’t go to a place that specializes in Belgian waffles and order an omelet. So, when my breakfast came, I decided I’d use Glenn’s phone to take a photo. Blogging every day will cause you to take photos of things you’ve never even thought of photographing before. The waffles were delicious; but to be honest, the ones we make at home are better. I’ve decided that I’d still rather have bacon and eggs when I go out for breakfast simply because I make more of a mess in my kitchen when I cook them, than when I cook waffles or pancakes.

So, I can cross #29 off my 40 Before 40 list, but I think I’ll wait. I’d like to try Racines or The Palate and the list gives me a great excuse to do so. I’ll go back to Sweet Belgian Desire occasionally. The atmosphere is great, and it’s interesting to walk through the Arts Centre and take in the artwork hanging in the building and walk by all the young parents with their three and four year olds taking ballet classes. I think I’d like to try it for lunch next time. They had an interesting lunch menu. But, the next time we go for Saturday morning breakfast out, I can guarantee it’ll be the tried and true Cabin Restaurant.


4 Responses to “#29 Try New Restaurant”

  1. heidi November 28, 2010 at 5:18 PM #

    We loves racines…..great creme brulee!!!!!!

  2. Joanie November 28, 2010 at 8:45 PM #

    Most any place that serves food is a favorite of mine. 🙂 Dad and I have found a great place just south of Houlton, ME, on Route 2 … Grammy’s. Amazing!!! And cheap, too. If you like steak (or just plain being pampered), the Maverick Room in the Crowne Plaza is worth every penny! Yes, Racine’s is also way up there on the list. And Palate. The Blue Door used to be good … haven’t been there for a while. Hmmm … maybe it’s time. 🙂


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