28 Nov

On Friday a colleague sent an email about this website saying it was a great place to listen to music. Usually I ignore these kinds of emails because I get so many emails in the run of one day; the ones that don’t seem important are just deleted. So, I glanced at it and didn’t give it a second thought until another teacher on my facebook said how much he was enjoying I was just wasting time on facebook anyway, so I decided to check it out and I’m SO GLAD I did!

You can find almost any song you’d ever want to listen to here. You can create playlists, and you’re not downloading anything. The drawback? I can’t put this music on my Zune, but I rarely use my Zune anyway. For the last two nights in a row I’ve been up well past midnight playing with grooveshark. I’ve created six different playlists. Yesterday, while I was digging out my Christmas dishes and a few other Christmas items, I plugged the laptop into the stereo and played my Christmas playlist.

Last night I spent a few hours creating an oldies playlist of songs from the late 70’s and early 80’s. I was listening with my headphones in and at one point Glenn asked with a bit of a mocking tone to his voice, “Are you dancing?” It was a sort of couch dance thing where my arms and head were moving but that was all. “Shut up!” was my reply. Whatever, he knows I love him. I’m glad I could be there for his personal amusement.

I played my oldies playlist this morning while Glenn and I were working in the kitchen together. He asked me if playlists could be deleted once they were created. I said, “I think so.” I don’t think he liked my idea of good oldies. I think it was Copacabanna that did it. But, I don’t like that song so much anyway, I think I’ll delete it.

I’ve had fun travelling back to the music of my childhood. I have several songs by ABBA and Olivia Newton John on my playlist. Some of the gems I found by other artists:  Pilot of the Airwaves, Hot Child in the City, and Heard it in a Love Song. Glenn approved of that last one, but made it clear that my oldies playlist wouldn’t be great for a party. I guess that’ll be the next playlist I’ll create. I also need a playlist I could play at school without being openly ridiculed by fifteen year olds.

If you love music, and would use your computer to listen but don’t want to download try grooveshark, but I must warn… it’s addictive!


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