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30 Dec

Before I titled this blog post, I had to check back and make sure there wasn’t another post with the same title. It certainly seems like there should be. I procrastinate at least as much as the worst procrastinators I know. In fact, sometimes I put things off so long I just don’t bother with them and need to make different decisions. Just this evening I was planning on having air popped popcorn as a snack and I got playing a computer game and lost track of time. At 10:20 I decided it was too late for a snack. No big deal. I procrastinated with my Christmas cards this year, then decided that sending out cards is a tradition I’m done with. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be more organized and change my mind.

A couple of months ago, when I was coming up empty for something to post on my blog, I ended up writing a list of forty things I wanted to do before I turn forty. I’m going to go ahead and say this hefty list absolves me from making any separate New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow. The problem? When I wrote my list, I had fifteen months to accomplish these things, now I only have thirteen months and I’ve only really accomplished one of these things. At this rate I won’t do half of those things! So, I’ve decided my list needs to be more visual. I need to be able to see my colossal ‘to do’ list in front of me if I hope to make a dent in it any time soon. So, I’ve printed it and put in on my refrigerator. This, 2011, is the only full year I’m going to have before I turn forty. I need to get moving.

After an assessment of what needs to be done, I realize that some of these things depend on summer weather, participation of others, or vacation time travel. So, once I set those things aside, I still have a decent list of things I can accomplish easily and soon. I’m going to start small and plan well for the big stuff. My tendency is to procrastinate. If you’re a reader of this blog, feel free to remind me occasionally if I’m not pacing myself well enough to complete my list. I’d love to have you keep me accountable.


A Narrated Life

28 Dec

Before we got ZuZu, when other people would talk about their pets, I thought they were a bit crazy. I didn’t understand what an integral part of the family they were. Funny thing about having your family around for a while, they’ll point out things that you do that are a tad neurotic, the same things that others will just chuckle and whisper about when you’re not looking. Apparently, I’ve become one of THOSE pet owners. It’s not that odd to narrate for your dog, is it? They cannot really speak for themselves after all, not English at least.

My dog has many thoughts she’s unable to express, therefore I must do it for her. Among those sentiments are: “I like cheese!”; “I can’t play with you now, Mommy has a snack”; “You’re all eating; what about me?”; “Why don’t YOU go get it?”; and “Rub my belly!” I also tend to narrate for babies who cannot talk yet. This isn’t something I was consciously aware of until I had it so lovingly pointed out by my daughter and sister-in-law last night. Hmmph! I narrate for my dog and I’m not afraid to declare it to the world, or blogdom at least.

Bashful, Bold and Benevolent

22 Dec

My own children never cease to amaze me. A couple of weeks ago, my fourteen year old daughter nearly had a melt down in a mall food court because we were making her go order her own wrap at a fast food place. She was being timid and didn’t want to do it by herself. I asked her, “If you were at the mall with your friends and you wanted to go to Taco Bell and the rest were going to MacDonalds, would you eat MacDonalds just so you wouldn’t have to stand in line by yourself?” She said that she would, or she’d make one of her friends stand in line with her, but there’s no way she’d stand in line by herself.

This same child comes home from youth group tonight and tells me she stood up to a boy who has been bullying her brother at school. She said, “Mom, I didn’t yell at him but told him plainly that he needed to knock it off!” When the boy told her that he didn’t even know who her brother is, she went off on him. She said, “That makes it even worse. If you don’t know who he is, and you’re picking on him, you’re nothing but a bully, and you need to stop it now or it’s going to get ugly!”

This is the same girl who was too scared to order a wrap at DQ from a total stranger. She claims that it’s different. And this same girl has been blogging. She’s been watching Glenn and I blog for months now and has shown minor interest in the funny ones. She’s definitely a fantastic writer, far better than I ever dreamed of being at her age. But, I didn’t think she’d actually start blogging on her own. Really, I think she could be a career writer one day. She certainly enjoys writing, but right now she has dreams of being a child psychologist. Her blog today certainly shows that she has the necessary aptitude to do well at that too.

Christmas Greetings

16 Dec

I’ve decided that it is time to lay to rest the annual tradition of sending out Christmas cards. We receive a card from one of my cousins every year with this letter enclosed that tells about their year. I thought that I might do something like that here in lieu of sending out cards with a quick signature on them; I never did the whole letter thing.

This was an exciting year in the Grillo/Potter household. Although it seems a bit like it’s all basketball all the time. Last winter Savanna played for the NMBA Bantan ‘A’ team and in January and February we had the priviledge of travelling the province of New Brunswick to watch her play.

Glenn has been finishing the basement. In April it was time to put the drywall up and before he did, we burried a time capsule in between the bedroom and family room wall. We put a lot of interesting things in. Most of them are most pop culture related but my favourite items  included photos of the house in the building process, photos of the garden, some family photos, and a small collection of my poems. I hope someday after we’ve moved, and maybe after we’ve moved on, someone will find the time capsule while renovating the house.

Both kids graduated from their schools. Savanna from grade eight at Nashwaaksis Middle School, and Seldon from grade five and Alexander Gibson Memorial School. We’re super proud of our kids. They’re both doing well in school, and are active in their new schools.

The summer went by super quickly. I spend the first three weeks of July in Halifax finishing my masters coursework. The kids had basketball camps. Savanna went to Caton’s Island and Seldon  went to a skateboarding camp. We took our annual summer trip to New Jersey to visit with Glenn’s mom, then she came and stayed with us for three weeks. While we were in New Jersey this summer we went to visit The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and got to see where Glenn’s family first entered into the United States… cool stuff!
 On New Brunswick Day, August 2nd we had an addition to our family, our sweet little black shih tzu, ZuZu. We drove to the back end of Chipman to get her but knowing what we know now we would have driven anywhere to get her.
With the busy kind of summer we had, school seemed to start earlier this year. Both the kids going to new schools made for a nerve wracking first day for all. But, both kids are adjusting fairly well.
Savanna has joined Renaissance (a program where students work to recognize the academic achievements and consistent attendance of other students), and she’s also joined Best Buddies (a program that pairs students like Savanna with a special needs student for socialization) and she has a great best buddy. She is her class student council rep and she’s playing teir II JV basketball.
Seldon started middle school, and he decided to go back into French Immersion. He’s playing YMCA basketball, and he tried out and made a NBMA Mini competitive team, and the travelling the province continues times two. Now he’s trying out for his school team. Fingers crossed, we should know soon. Seldon also joined the school band this year. He’s playing the trumpet and loving it.
In October we celebrated Mom and Dad’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. We had a small little get together at our house with a few close friends and family. Glenn and I are both so lucky to have such great parents. We are thrilled to celebrate with Mom and Dad, and Mom Sadie and are lucky to have them around to spend precious time together!
Later in October we travelled with Mom and Dad and the kids to Halifax for my graduation. It was a special day for everyone because everyone participated in making it possible.
This fall has blown by so quickly. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just nine days away. We are all looking forward to the holidays with our family and friends and a little time off. Besides relaxing and eating, we’ll do a little basement finishing and sprinkle in a little basketball and everyone will be happy.
The Grillo/Potter family would like to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Fun Filled 2011!
Well, if you’re considering doing something like I’ve done here instead of hand addressing and sending out a bunch of Christmas cards, I recommend it because it is fun to look back over your faimly’s year. But, don’t do it if you think it might conserve time… it doesn’t.

Almost Ready and Set

13 Dec

A month ago I blogged about how I was having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. For some reason, it seemed like everyone I know started getting into the Christmas spirit early this year. That just made me feel stressed early this year. I realize now that November 12th was far too early to worry about decorations, shopping, baking and wrapping. Now, now is the perfect time to worry about it.

The decorating is almost done. We have a narrow tree in our entry way. I put the lights on it last week one night, but it still needs the decorations. It’ll only take 15 minutes or so. The shopping is almost done. The kids are done, done, done, and that’s the big job. Plus, I’ve wrapped all of the gifts for the kids too. So, the wrapping and shopping are almost done. I haven’t even started the baking, but that’s okay. It’s my big plan to bake very little and do it at the last minute. That way I won’t eat so much of it.

Now that I feel like I have Christmas under control, I think I’m ready to start enjoying. Now if the marking fairy would take care of all my paperwork for the next two weeks, I could sit back and sip cider in front of my fireplace by the glow of my Christmas tree.

My New Coat

12 Dec

I’ve been putting off getting a nice coat for years. I’m always planning on losing weight, so I buy what’s on sale to get me through but avoid spending too much money. On Canadian Thanksgiving weekend Glenn and I went to New Hampshire for the weekend and I bought myself a $16 winter coat from Old Navy. It’s okay, it fits well and it is warm. The problem is, it’s short. So, it isn’t always suitable to wear over my dress clothes to work.

I have a longer corduroy coat that I wear when dressed up, but it isn’t really warm enough for the winter and it gets wet too quickly. So, I decided it was time to buy a good coat. I looked when we were in New Hampshire, but didn’t find anything I liked. So, I decided that I might look online for the right coat, and I found one that I absolutely love. I ordered it from Land’s End, and I must say this is the nicest smart casual coat I ever remember owning. I was worried that it wouldn’t fit. I remember when I was a kid and we’d order clothes from the sears catalogue we would always order the size we thought would be right and a size larger just in case. But, I trusted the Land’s End size chart and it fits perfectly. I’m so happy with my purchase that I thought I’d write about it here.

If you’re looking for quality clothing and can’t find what you want in the store, you might want to consider ordering from Land’s End.

Out of my element!

7 Dec

Tonight’s post is going to be short because at 10:20 I’m just quitting marking. I say quitting because it certainly isn’t done.

We went to mom and dad’s for supper tonight. Savanna had a basketball game at 7:30 tonight. Before supper I told Glenn I might stay home tonight and mark, and he said if he had known he might have offered to run the clock. Ooops! I already offered for us to run the clock and keep the stats and forgot to tell him. He took it well though! That just meant I couldn’t stay home and do the marking I wanted needed to do.

It was a good game with good refereeing. Our girls won, 63 to 53 in overtime. They were 52-52 at the end of the fourth quarter. Savanna fouled out in the third quarter and had to sit and watch for the rest of the game.

Now, when I volunteered to keep stats I thought I was going to be tracking points or turnovers just for our team, or something like that. Nope! I was sitting at the score table and keeping track of points and fouls (for individuals and teams) and time outs. Ugh! I managed to keep track of it and do a pretty good job. But tonight, this English teacher was quite out of her element.

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