Out of my element!

7 Dec

Tonight’s post is going to be short because at 10:20 I’m just quitting marking. I say quitting because it certainly isn’t done.

We went to mom and dad’s for supper tonight. Savanna had a basketball game at 7:30 tonight. Before supper I told Glenn I might stay home tonight and mark, and he said if he had known he might have offered to run the clock. Ooops! I already offered for us to run the clock and keep the stats and forgot to tell him. He took it well though! That just meant I couldn’t stay home and do the marking I wanted needed to do.

It was a good game with good refereeing. Our girls won, 63 to 53 in overtime. They were 52-52 at the end of the fourth quarter. Savanna fouled out in the third quarter and had to sit and watch for the rest of the game.

Now, when I volunteered to keep stats I thought I was going to be tracking points or turnovers just for our team, or something like that. Nope! I was sitting at the score table and keeping track of points and fouls (for individuals and teams) and time outs. Ugh! I managed to keep track of it and do a pretty good job. But tonight, this English teacher was quite out of her element.


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