Almost Ready and Set

13 Dec

A month ago I blogged about how I was having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. For some reason, it seemed like everyone I know started getting into the Christmas spirit early this year. That just made me feel stressed early this year. I realize now that November 12th was far too early to worry about decorations, shopping, baking and wrapping. Now, now is the perfect time to worry about it.

The decorating is almost done. We have a narrow tree in our entry way. I put the lights on it last week one night, but it still needs the decorations. It’ll only take 15 minutes or so. The shopping is almost done. The kids are done, done, done, and that’s the big job. Plus, I’ve wrapped all of the gifts for the kids too. So, the wrapping and shopping are almost done. I haven’t even started the baking, but that’s okay. It’s my big plan to bake very little and do it at the last minute. That way I won’t eat so much of it.

Now that I feel like I have Christmas under control, I think I’m ready to start enjoying. Now if the marking fairy would take care of all my paperwork for the next two weeks, I could sit back and sip cider in front of my fireplace by the glow of my Christmas tree.


One Response to “Almost Ready and Set”

  1. Leanne December 14, 2010 at 1:21 PM #

    November 12 is too early. Now is perfect! Wish I had as much done as you do! Oh, well, part of the enjoyment is the getting ready!

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