Christmas Greetings

16 Dec

I’ve decided that it is time to lay to rest the annual tradition of sending out Christmas cards. We receive a card from one of my cousins every year with this letter enclosed that tells about their year. I thought that I might do something like that here in lieu of sending out cards with a quick signature on them; I never did the whole letter thing.

This was an exciting year in the Grillo/Potter household. Although it seems a bit like it’s all basketball all the time. Last winter Savanna played for the NMBA Bantan ‘A’ team and in January and February we had the priviledge of travelling the province of New Brunswick to watch her play.

Glenn has been finishing the basement. In April it was time to put the drywall up and before he did, we burried a time capsule in between the bedroom and family room wall. We put a lot of interesting things in. Most of them are most pop culture related but my favourite items  included photos of the house in the building process, photos of the garden, some family photos, and a small collection of my poems. I hope someday after we’ve moved, and maybe after we’ve moved on, someone will find the time capsule while renovating the house.

Both kids graduated from their schools. Savanna from grade eight at Nashwaaksis Middle School, and Seldon from grade five and Alexander Gibson Memorial School. We’re super proud of our kids. They’re both doing well in school, and are active in their new schools.

The summer went by super quickly. I spend the first three weeks of July in Halifax finishing my masters coursework. The kids had basketball camps. Savanna went to Caton’s Island and Seldon  went to a skateboarding camp. We took our annual summer trip to New Jersey to visit with Glenn’s mom, then she came and stayed with us for three weeks. While we were in New Jersey this summer we went to visit The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and got to see where Glenn’s family first entered into the United States… cool stuff!
 On New Brunswick Day, August 2nd we had an addition to our family, our sweet little black shih tzu, ZuZu. We drove to the back end of Chipman to get her but knowing what we know now we would have driven anywhere to get her.
With the busy kind of summer we had, school seemed to start earlier this year. Both the kids going to new schools made for a nerve wracking first day for all. But, both kids are adjusting fairly well.
Savanna has joined Renaissance (a program where students work to recognize the academic achievements and consistent attendance of other students), and she’s also joined Best Buddies (a program that pairs students like Savanna with a special needs student for socialization) and she has a great best buddy. She is her class student council rep and she’s playing teir II JV basketball.
Seldon started middle school, and he decided to go back into French Immersion. He’s playing YMCA basketball, and he tried out and made a NBMA Mini competitive team, and the travelling the province continues times two. Now he’s trying out for his school team. Fingers crossed, we should know soon. Seldon also joined the school band this year. He’s playing the trumpet and loving it.
In October we celebrated Mom and Dad’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. We had a small little get together at our house with a few close friends and family. Glenn and I are both so lucky to have such great parents. We are thrilled to celebrate with Mom and Dad, and Mom Sadie and are lucky to have them around to spend precious time together!
Later in October we travelled with Mom and Dad and the kids to Halifax for my graduation. It was a special day for everyone because everyone participated in making it possible.
This fall has blown by so quickly. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just nine days away. We are all looking forward to the holidays with our family and friends and a little time off. Besides relaxing and eating, we’ll do a little basement finishing and sprinkle in a little basketball and everyone will be happy.
The Grillo/Potter family would like to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Fun Filled 2011!
Well, if you’re considering doing something like I’ve done here instead of hand addressing and sending out a bunch of Christmas cards, I recommend it because it is fun to look back over your faimly’s year. But, don’t do it if you think it might conserve time… it doesn’t.

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  1. debby December 17, 2010 at 7:34 AM #

    Enjoyed it .Being the old girl special cards from friends still mean a lot.


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