A Narrated Life

28 Dec

Before we got ZuZu, when other people would talk about their pets, I thought they were a bit crazy. I didn’t understand what an integral part of the family they were. Funny thing about having your family around for a while, they’ll point out things that you do that are a tad neurotic, the same things that others will just chuckle and whisper about when you’re not looking. Apparently, I’ve become one of THOSE pet owners. It’s not that odd to narrate for your dog, is it? They cannot really speak for themselves after all, not English at least.

My dog has many thoughts she’s unable to express, therefore I must do it for her. Among those sentiments are: “I like cheese!”; “I can’t play with you now, Mommy has a snack”; “You’re all eating; what about me?”; “Why don’t YOU go get it?”; and “Rub my belly!” I also tend to narrate for babies who cannot talk yet. This isn’t something I was consciously aware of until I had it so lovingly pointed out by my daughter and sister-in-law last night. Hmmph! I narrate for my dog and I’m not afraid to declare it to the world, or blogdom at least.


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