#27 Red Red Wine

3 Jan

Drinking wine is a social thing for me. Even though we make our own wine, I’m never tempted to open a bottle of wine and drink by myself. I’ve only been drinking wine for ten years or so, but I’ve only been brave enough to drink fruit wines we make and the occasional white when offered by someone else. Red has always seemed too strong and anytime I’ve even tried it from Glenn’s glass I’ve never understood why someone would want to drink what tasted like rotten grapes.

Last month, when we went to McGinnis Landing for his work Christmas party, Glenn ordered a glass or Shiraz and I had a sip and decided that I could probably drink a whole glass of that without a problem. It tasted nice and was certainly warming. The only thing I didn’t like was the little bitter aftertaste it left. But, I’m guessing this is what I’d grow to love about red wine.

Tonight we had our next door neighbours, Gordie and Mary, in for dinner. They moved to our court about a year before we did, so we’ve known them close to seven years. They brought a bottle of Valpolicella. A definite sign that tonight was the night to cross #27 – ‘Drink a glass of red wine’ off my 40 Before 40 list, and cross it off I did.

Not only did I drink the whole glass of wine, but I enjoyed it. Enjoying it was a bonus and not part of my original goal, not because I didn’t want to enjoy it, but only because I couldn’t conceive of enjoying it at the time I made the list. In fact, the glass of red wine I had tonight was better than any white wine I’ve ever had. So, to all the ladies that offered to help me cross that one off the list, let’s get together for a drink sometime soon.


3 Responses to “#27 Red Red Wine”

  1. Denise January 4, 2011 at 12:08 PM #

    Hey, I’ll drink to that! I prefer a nice Reisling or slightly fruity white Deb and have yet to discover a palatable singleton red. I tried to be adventurous at the Coral Reef in Disney last year and ordered ‘the recomended red’ to accompany my prime rib entree. The red arrived just before my meal. I sipped and swished a sample (as the waiter patiently awaited my approving nod) but truthfully I was unimpressed…thinking, “Why did I order a red? I know I don’t like red…” However, when the prime rib arrived I absent mindedly ‘took a swig’ and was most presently surprised by the party in my mouth! I deduced that some reds aren’t meant to be savoured solo but, make an excellent companion to foods like red meat. Don’t give up on reds…just do a little more research. :0)

  2. Leanne January 5, 2011 at 5:58 PM #

    Mary and Gordie are good friends of my mom and dad! Say hello to them for me next time you see them!


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