Double Double

7 Jan

Seldon had a basketball game today at 4:45, but his coach wants them there 45 minutes before the game. So, today I dropped him off at the school where they were playing and went to Tim Horton’s for coffee. I had 45 minutes; it seemed like a good plan. The traffic was nuts, the line was long, and getting back out onto the road was a struggle.

The best part about the excursion, was the lady who waited on me. Her name was Cathy. Do they always tell you their name at the drive thru? I don’t remember anyone else ever doing that. Anyway, I ordered two large coffees with two cream and two sweeteners. She repeated my order, “two double doubles with sweetener”. Yes, that is what I ordered.

When she handed me the first coffee, she made a point of saying, “a double double with sweetener”. I didn’t get it. I confirmed, “Both of them, right?”

She leaned out the window when she handed me the second cup. “We call it a double double with sweetener.”

Ah, now I understand. I shall never make that mistake again. Thanks Cathy!


One Response to “Double Double”

  1. TLL January 7, 2011 at 11:16 PM #

    Having been a Tim’s coffee slinger, I can tell you that WE never called them that. Good thing Cathy is out there to inform us all of the new way. *lol*

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