I didn’t plan this at all

9 Jan
I didn’t plan this at all; but,
I let my true love disappear.
I didn’t even attempt
to change that morning’s fate.
I thought we had comfortable silence,
but it must have been malevolent quiet.
I’ll never forget how we spent
that evening of pure pleasure.
But, when morning approached,
the sunrise caught me by surprise
Neither of us spoke a word;
how could we let it end this way?
So, without a warm embrace
and without a kiss goodbye,
my true love walked out forever
and left me without hope.

Dear friends, don’t worry for me or my relationship. All is well. I wrote this draft/poem using a writing prompt. Fellow writers, tell me what you wonder or have questions about concerning the poem. I know it is a bit awkward in places and want to revise it. I’d love some feedback.


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