Fortune Cookies

23 Jan

We took Seldon to Miramichi this weekend for his first ever basketball tournament away from home. The first tournament was after Christmas here in Fredericton, but that’s not the same. The team stayed overnight at the Rodd Miramichi. Last night we went for dinner The Cunard. If you’re from the Maritimes you probably have grown up seeing commercials for The Cunard Restaurant. I’ve always wanted to try this place, and the verdict is… meh, it’s was okay.

However, I didn’t tell you about our dinner at the Cunard to review the restaurant. I want to tell you about one of my pet peeves, the modern day fortune cookie. Have you had a fortune cookie lately? If you have, and you’ve been expecting some fantastic fortune, chances are you were sorely disappointed. In fact, there are very few fortune cookies with actual fortunes in them anymore.

We went for dinner with the Melansons, Sherrie, Josh and Jordan, so there were six of us at the table. I actually had two fortunes inside my cookie. Josh got this fantastic fortune, or so he thought, so he kept it for himself. Hey, he’s a 13 year old boy, I bet he has lost it already. Everyone else gave me their ‘fortunes’ once they were read. This tells you how much we really believe in these things. These were our ‘fortunes’:

  • Jordan: We can learn from everyone, especially from our enemies.
  • Sherrie: Good luck is coming your way.
  • Glenn: Just be yourself, you are wonderful.
  • Seldon: Someone has complimented you today in your absence.
  • Mine #1: Good things come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle.
  • Mine #2: Focus on your long-term goal.

I always thought fortune cookies were supposed to deliver your fortune. So, I looked up the word ‘fortune’–“tell someone’s fortune, to profess to inform someone of future events in his or her own life.” If you look at the ‘fortunes’ we received, only Sherrie’s really works as an actual fortune. “Good luck is coming your way.” And, even that is vague and disappointing. Good luck could equal finding a five dollar bill in your coat pocket, or winning the lottery. I guess if anyone actually believes in fortune cookies, they have to be vague, but c’mon. I think they can do better than, “Good luck is coming your way.” So out of six fortunes, we got one really vague fortune and some good advice along with a few proverbial kinds of statements.

I told the boys that I got two fortunes, one for the three of them and the other for me. “Good things come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle.” was apropo for the boys playing basketball. And, for me, a reminder to “Focus on [my] long term goal.” I guess these little quips are amusing, but I find them annoying. I think I’ve expected to find an actual fortune inside. I don’t expect this fortune to come true; I’m not stupid. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But, c’mon, “Just be yourself, you are wonderful.” Do you think this actually came Glenn’s way because he is wonderful? I don’t. He IS wonderful, but what if a person who is definitely NOT wonderful got this cookie? Fortune cookie makers can do better.


One Response to “Fortune Cookies”

  1. Tiresa January 23, 2011 at 10:17 PM #

    We’ve been similarly disappointed with fortune cookies, so we’ve made an effort to improve our own experience while the fortune cookie makers work on their end.
    I’m sure you’ve heard the practice of tacking. “in bed” on the end of fortunes. Well, apparently another tack on is “with robots”. We’ve put them together-“in bed with robots”
    Don’t your fortunes sound more promising now 😉

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