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Turkey Croquettes & Snow Banks

28 Feb

February has been all about the haiku, but I didn’t manage to post one haiku a day like I thought I would. I really enjoyed blogging every day in November, and since then have made it my goal to post at least once a week. I’ve done that and then some. But, I felt like I had more to say when I was blogging every day than I do now. I think forcing myself to write, whether I felt like it or not, helped me get into a groove.

Turkey CroquettesSo, having nothing better to blog about, and in the vein or sharing the most exciting part of my day, I thought I’d share with you what I had for supper. It’s a new recipe and my family, well except for Seldon and he’s usually not picky, quite enjoyed it. I made Turkey Croquettes and I got the recipe from a website I love called Skinny Taste. It’s an awesome site for health conscious recipes, plus each recipe lists the nutritional information and Weight Watchers points. We also had corn, and sautéed snow peas and carrots. We sauté them in olive oil spay then sprinkle them with garlic when they’re almost finished.

Snow BankSo, this is what almost 40 is all about, huh? Well, I guess having a snow day is exciting too. I actually stopped to take a photo outside of the house this morning because I couldn’t believe how high the snow bank is. Now, instead of piling it higher, the snow plow operators are leaving it at the sides of the street narrowing the street up. It’s nearly impossible to see when pulling out of our street. Usually, the city has removed the snow between the sidewalks and the street by now, but they haven’t yet this year. I wish they would.

I have way more exciting stuff to blog about next, I promise!



22 Feb
truth, an airy thing
response to reality
isn’t always true

ditch electronics

22 Feb
ringing in my head
timely escape is needed
ditch electronics


20 Feb
bright orange sunset
between clouds and horizon
summer on its way

claws on the window

20 Feb
claws on the window
do they pretend not to hear
longing for summer

love in denial

17 Feb
telephone ringing
an every night occurance
love in denial

cell phones and footwear

13 Feb
cell phones and footwear
In Pyramus and Thisbee
modern day lost shawls
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