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8 Mar

Last night I tried a Zumba class for the first time, AND I loved it! I’m not a huge fan of exercise although I have come to realize it truly does give me more energy and makes me feel better in general. I actually don’t mind doing it once I’ve started, and I love the idea and concept. It’s the taking the time for it away from all the other stuff, and actually getting myself there that I object to.

Zumba seems like a really modern term for aerobics. Some of the music had a latin influence, and some of the moves were… well, a bit too fluid for this klutz. But it was super fun, and I’m sure I’ll catch on. I worked up a good sweat and went home feeling energized. The instructor is a friend of mine, Michelle Burke. She has a facebook page called Zumba with Michelle if you’re interested. It is every Monday and Thursday from 7-8 PM at Crosspoint Church in Marysville.

I think I liked the social nature of the class, because most of the other forms of exercise involve me and a machine and my iPod or Kindle. It’s quite solitary. It was fun to get together with other women and dance and laugh and have a good time. I need to branch out and try some other new ways to be active.


Lauren Elizabeth

1 Mar

Yesterday, I suggested that I had something more exciting than my dinner to blog about, and here it is. One week ago today, my only brother and his wife had their first child. In a way, she is my first and only niece or nephew. My ex-husband has 13 nieces and nephews, many of whom were born during our marriage. I would absolutely maintain a relationship with them if I thought it would be welcomed. But, sadly, I don’t think they consider me an aunt. But, I stray. The exciting thing is, I’m finally someone’s aunt again!

And, what a special someone she is. Her name is Lauren Elizabeth, and even though I haven’t seen her in person, I think she must be perfect.

If she wasn’t my niece, the way I’m getting my photo collection would be nothing short of creepy. Every photo my brother and his wife (or friends post and tag) I’m copying and saving. I’m sure they’ll send photos, but this is immediate and I’m kinda impatient. To the left is the first photo take hours after she was born. To the right you’ll see my favourite photo of her yet. I have it set as the background and screen saver on my phone. Isn’t she sweet?

Now the photo below is one of Lauren and her daddy and it is one of my personal favourites for so many reasons. Greg and Patti waited nine long years to conceive this child, and I bet they’ll agree she was well worth the wait.

I can’t wait to meet her in person. I’ll even take over the diaper duty from you Greg!

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