Day Four – Bah Humbug!

1 Jul

I can hear the fireworks from where I’m sitting, and all I can think is [insert sarcastic tone here] big whoop! This is where I admit that, even though I wished others a Happy Canada Day today, I am not really all that patriotic. I feel more of a sense of patriotism when singing ‘God Save the Queen’ than I do our national anthem. I am often embarrassed when my lack of knowledge about both Canadian politics and Canadian geography are brought to light.

Last night, finding ourselves with one of those rare nights without children, we went to have supper on the deck at Isaac’s Way and we met a couple from Alberta who were travelling east for a Gyro Convention. I had to google it. The man asked if our provincial government was liberal or conservative. I’m ashamed to say that I had to google that too. We quickly changed the conversation.

I care about a great deal of things that I believe are important. I care about the fair and ethical treatment of all living creatures. I care about our environment and how it seems to be in jeopardy. I care about our food supply and what is in it that should not be, and making informed choices about what my family and I will eat. I care about peace, both in my home and beyond. I care about philosophical things, the big questions in life that don’t seem to have definitive answers. I care about the stuff that politicians discuss, but can’t imagine having to put up with the ‘politicking’ to be a major part of the discussion.

Canadian history, achievements and culture are the best parts of being Canadian. Maybe I don’t feel all that patriotic today because many of the things we do to celebrate our national holiday don’t even touch these elements of what it means to me to be Canadian. Maybe I’m just being the equivalent of a Canada Day Scrooge.

I don’t even remember anyone celebrating Canada Day at all when I was a kid. Maybe it’s because my parents didn’t celebrate, but I think it’s more than that. I think that celebrations have grown in recent years, and people are making a bigger deal of having parties that celebrate with dress, decorations and food that reflect the theme of the day. I spent most of my Canada Day doing laundry and other similar organizational tasks. We did, however, have maple glazed grilled salmon and fiddleheads for dinner. Now that’s Canadian! One of these years I’ll have to travel to Ottawa for Canada Day. For now, I just hope I’m not visited by three ghosts in my dreams tonight. Happy Canada Day!


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