Day Five – Distant Noises

2 Jul
Distant noises tell a story
motors hum to their private summer evening destinations
children squeal, perhaps running away so they won’t be ‘it’
tires crunch as cars and trucks stroll by on the gravel road
leaves peacefully dance as the air waltzes them back and forth
a basketball pounds the pavement, steady as a heartbeat.
The wind, still waltzing amongst the trees, treads lightly across my face.
I close my eyes with a new sense of calm and realize
this moment, like all the moments before it, is a gift of life.
When the sun seems to hide its face and the wind is angry,
when the distant noises tell different stories or are silent,
how easy it is to forget that each moment we’re given here is a gift.


My poem isn’t finished, at least I don’t think it is.

I’m almost finished reading Mitch Albom’s have a little faith and I’m glad I chose it as the first one to read from my summer reading list. It was a quick but thought provoking read. When I read the following part today I knew it would be a quote to share in my blog:


“I know what I believe. It’s in my soul. But I constantly tell our people: you should be convinced of the authenticity of what you have, but you must be also humble enough to say that we don’t know everything, we must accept that another person may believe something else.” (pg. 161)



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