Day Seven – Lauren

4 Jul

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on vacation for a whole week yet. Maybe that’s because the first three days were taken up with errands, doctor appointments and tests for me and the kids, a work planning project that will be ongoing throughout the summer and household stuff that couldn’t wait. Then, there was Canada Day that ran into the weekend. Today is the first day I’ve really felt like I’ve been on vacation. It usually does take me a week to wind down and feel that way. I’m not sure how I’d deal if I only got one week of vacation.

The best thing about today was meeting my niece Lauren. I think she’s as sweet as they come. She’s sleeping now, 8PM – 8AM at four months old… I’m in awe. But, I got almost an hour with her all by myself. I got to feed her a bedtime bottle and cuddle her until Greg and Patti came back at 8 o’clock to put her to bed. I do remember my own children being that tiny and precious, and while it seems like they’ve grown oh so very fast, the stage Lauren is at now seems like a vague distant memory. Sometimes I wish I could return to those days, just for an hour like I had tonight with Lauren.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be out of the ‘baby phase’ and love how fun our family is right now. But, there’s something about holding those precious little ones. It’s an indescribable and irreplaceable feeling. Someday I look forward to having grandchildren, if I’m blessed with them. Although, I don’t want that to happen anytime in the next decade, so for now I’m going to enjoy every last bit of the time I get with my darling niece.

Tomorrow’s adventures will include some time spent reading in the sun, giving my niece at least one of her bottles, reading to her (which is something that’s on my list), a walk where I get to push the stroller at least part of the way, and a lot of quality time with my family.

I love summer!

** Oh yeah, and Happy 4th to my favourite American and love of my life, and all of my American family and friends.


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