Day Nine – Summer Rocks

6 Jul

The time is slipping away already. Tomorrow my vacation days will be into the double digits, however I’m not like the excited nine year-old child who cannot wait to turn ten. I’d like this summer to hurry up and slow down. Again, I’m not sure this whole counting the days was a great idea, but it’s like this accident that is happening in slow motion. I cannot look away; now that I’ve started I feel compelled to keep counting.

My second biggest goal this summer is to spend copious amounts of time in a deck chair reading the time away, but when I spoke to my husband at noon I still hadn’t picked my book up yet today. I had already been on a walk with mom, Lauren and ZuZu and had given Lauren a bottle. I had a shower and two cups of coffee. I had picked my book up and set it back down in several locations but didn’t read a bit. In fact, it was after supper today when I was able to steal away any substantial amount of time to be by myself with my book. But, I must admit, Lauren has been the best distraction I can think of. I’m thoroughly enjoying just lazing around holding, feeding, rocking, swinging, walking, and playing with her.

I picked up Savanna from Caton’s this evening and she got to meet her cousin for the first time today. She got her just in time to feed her the last bottle of the day. It was quite an amazing thing to watch my baby so expertly care for her baby cousin… glimpses into the future, perhaps.

Now that Lauren’s in bed for the night, and my kids have gone off to hang out with their friends, I’m enjoying some quiet time on the front porch with my laptop. It’s one of those perfect summer evenings where it’s too chilly for the mosquitoes and you need a sweater to sit outside. If feels nice after the warm day we had.

I have 53 glorious days left of this wonderful phenomenon called summer and I’m going to savor every minute. Tomorrow’s adventures include a date night with the most amazing man on earth and hopefully, if the weather cooperates, an Andy Brown concert in Officer’s Square. If you haven’t heard Andy Brown you should. It will be the best outdoor concert of the whole series. Summer rocks!


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