Day Ten – Clothesline

7 Jul

Day ten, double digits… tick, tick, tick.

As a kid, I can remember taking clothes out to hang on the line for my mother. I hated the clothesline. It wasn’t one of those pulley ones attached to the house and a tree. It was one of those umbrella ones, a pathetic looking thing at the top of our driveway. You couldn’t just step out onto the back deck with your basket; you had to lug the thing outside and across the yard.

Although likely good for the drying process, there was absolutely no shade and because it was low to the ground, the bugs were awful. I eventually grew to love hanging clothes on the line; nothing screams summer like a fresh load of laundry flapping in the breeze and the scent of the fabric softner drifting through the air. Okay, maybe there are better examples that epitomize summer, like ice cream you need to eat quickly so it won’t melt all over you, or floating along on a canoe allowing the lake to guide you. But, line dried clothes ranks up there.

When we first moved into our house we didn’t have a deck. Glenn spent the next summer building the deck. The following spring I finally got my clothesline, not the dreaded tree style like the clothesline at my childhood home, but a pull one attached at one end to the house beside the deck and the other end attached to a strong tree in our backyard. I use it often.

Today I did laundry at the cottage before coming home and I got up early to hang it out to dry. I’ve come to the conclusion that a freestanding clothesline is better than no clothesline. Once the clothes are all pinned up to the line I get this sense of accomplishment, the same sense of accomplishment when I’ve finished painting a room a new colour or when I’ve finished writing that big essay and it’s ready to be submitted.

pathetic clothesline
mosquitoes and blackflies swarm
true satisfaction

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