Day 12 – Incredibly Blessed

9 Jul

Greg & Patti are leaving for Nova Scotia tomorrow, so today we had a family potluck at the cottage. We had Glendon & Norah Lynn, Trudi, Janelle and her two girls from the Boyce side of our family and Margaret, Joyce & Larry, and Bob & Lora from the Dines side. I was worried because it was raining so hard all day, but late this afternoon it cleared up enough for dad to barbeque and the men ate outside on the deck. It was nice to catch up with cousins I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s amazing how long we go without seeing each other even though we live in the same city.

Before everyone arrived mom and dad got some Nanny & Papa time in with Lauren. It’s heartwarming to hear my mother sing the same songs she used to sing to my babies and bounce a new grandbaby on her knee.

Sometimes I think that I’m so much like my father that it is easy to forget the ways that I take after my mother too. She is the one who taught me to care for my babies. She started when I was just a young teenager when I started to babysit, back in the days before they gave babysitting courses. She taught me how to decipher what a baby wanted when they were crying, how to hold, feed, burp and change a baby, and what to do when babies got sick. I also learned how to ‘talk’ to a baby.

There are many ways that I parent my own children differently than my parents did with me, but the basics are exactly the same. The loving kindness and patience you need to form a bond with your baby, my mother has that one covered. As a parent, my mother ALWAYS put my brother and I before herself. I think that comes from having a parent who put himself before his children, but more than that it comes from the core of who she is, and that is a selfless, giving woman. “Her children arise and call her blessed…” Proverbs 31:28 Thanks mom! Greg and I are lucky to have such incredible mother as a role model for loving and parenting our own children. What’s more, our children are blessed to have the best grandmother around.


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