Day 13 – Bye, Bye Love

10 Jul

Before Greg and Patti left today I had some time with Lauren. In the photo, if you look at her face you can tell she’s sleepy. Less than a minute later she was sound asleep in my arms. I held her during her morning nap, and right before she left, we had a little laugh. When I figure out how to covert the the video from a .mov to an acceptable format, I’ll share it with you.

When they got into the car and were pulling away, everyone was crowding around the car shouting their goodbyes and waving. I’m sure they thought I was disinterested, or probably didn’t think anything of it at all, but I had to step back because the tears were coming. I didn’t expect to feel this much love for a niece I’d just met. In fact, I’m going to stop writing now before I start crying again. I can’t wait until the next time I see her again.


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