Day 16 – Whosh Smack Buzz

13 Jul

One of our dog ZuZu’s very favourite things to do is to stick her head out the car window while we’re driving along. I don’t get it, she doesn’t like it when you blow in her face, she doesn’t want you to blow the hair dryer in her direction, but she’ll struggle to try and get her whole body out the car window while we’re driving along. If I’d let her she’d put her hind paws against my chest and put most of her body out the window. To keep her safe, I literally have to firmly hold her around the middle with one hand and hold her leash double wrapped around the other hand and she still pushes against it. I’d like to think that she wouldn’t put herself out so far as to fall out, but I’m not willing to take that chance. In fact, we only let her do this on back roads or city streets where we’re not driving too fast. It seems inhumane to deny her the priviledge of doing something that seems to give her so much pleasure.

She doesn’t just hang her head out the window, she looks directly into the wind and struggles to keep her eyes open. I don’t understand how she can do that. Talk about your bad case of dry eye.

Last Sunday, on our way home from Beulah, ZuZu was sitting on my lap with her head out the window, and she gets hit in the face with a bee. She recoiled like she got stung by didn’t fuss at all afterward. I thought the bee bounced of her face and flew out behind us, but it actually ricocheted into the car. It got behind Seldon and stung him in the shoulder. His reaction was not immediate like hers but was delayed and turned into a full blown panic.

Once we realized what had happened, Seldon was screaming for us to pull over on this narrow country road. The choices were the ditch, or someone’s driveway. By the time Glenn found a suitable place to pull over everyone was yelling and Seldon was so upset he had a bloody nose.

The bee was still in the backseat with Seldon. Glenn got out and opened Seldon’s door, but couldn’t get the bee because it was down between the back of the seat and the seat itself. He had to argue with Seldon to get him out of the car, so he could lift the seat. As soon as Seldon got out the bee flew out behind him. Seldon didn’t see it go, so we had to argue with Seldon to get him back into the car.

Back in the car, Seldon was still shaken and not trusting us that the bee had indeed flown away. He refused to buckle up, so Glenn refused to drive. We were trying to be patient, but finally I demanded that he buckle up so we could continue our trip. Later that evening we noticed that ZuZu’s eyelid was swollen, with a small pinpoint red mark in the center of the swollen part. She must have been stung too. But, I don’t think it will keep her from enjoying the wind in her face.


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