Day 20 – AWESOME

17 Jul

Awesome! I have an awesome husband. My kids are awesome. I have an awesome house. Leo Hayes is an awesome place to work. I have such awesome friends. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Is there any other word that is more overused in our English language? When we think someone or something is good, fun, kind and caring, interesting, talented, etc. etc. we call it ‘awesome’. It’s kind of a lazy thing, don’t you think? I think it’s almost become so overused that it’s worn out and lost it’s true meaning. Be more articulate people! I can’t say much; I’m guilty too.

This year, while doing a project with my students I read The Book of Awesome by Neil Pashricha. It seems to be about all the little things that bring joy to our lives; quite fitting for a theme on happiness. It took me about twenty minutes to read about “The other side of the pillow”, “When cashiers open up new checkout lanes at the grocery store”, “Wearing underwear just out of the dryer”, “Old dangerous playground equipment”, and “Intergenerational dancing”. They were all good, and most of the things that I’ve thought to be awesome, but never stopped to give it as much thought as the author of this website/book did.

“Wearing underwear just out of the dryer” made me laugh out loud. But, I had never thought of “Old dangerous playground equipment” as awesome before, maybe that’s the mother in me. Or perhaps it’s the memories of playing on such equipment and burning my legs on the slide; hanging upside down from the monkey bars and falling getting the wind knocked out of me; or more than once, bruising my tailbone when a friend suddenly decides they’re done on the teeter totter and jumps off sending me crashing to the ground and running home crying to mommy. My own child played on this same equipment when she was younger, but the only clear memory I have of that is her picking up a handful of sand and throwing it in the face of another little girl. Oh the good times and fond memories!

I loved “Intergenerational dancing”! It’s one of those things that is always surprising when it happens and seems to only happen at weddings. I wish it was something that we could plan to do, but I think the older you get, the less you want to commit to such wild things. Perhaps the younger generation doesn’t want to plan an evening of dancing with their aunts and uncles either, but seem willing to go with the flow when put in that situation. I remember well my cousin’s wedding when my son, who was four or five at the time, thought he was a professional break-dancer. He was too young to embarrass himself, so I let him go because he was having fun and amusing everyone else. I look forward to the next opportunity to dance with my children and parents in the same crowd… it’s always a good time!

If you’d like an uplifting book that you can sit down and read a few short stories at a time, I highly recommend The Book of Awesome; it’s… awesome!


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