Day 22 – Family Time

19 Jul

Every summer, we spend time in New Jersey with Glenn’s family. While we’re there we often get together with his aunt and cousins to go out for dinner, or at one of their houses if it’s a holiday. We often spend Easter and the 4th of July with them.

You have to understand that Glenn is Italian, and his family gatherings are usually loud, lively and centered around lots of fabulous food. However, what I really love about getting together with Glenn’s family is that no one seems to be in a hurry. We take our time to eat and visit around the table in between courses. After we eat we relax, either at the table or in the living room, and laugh and chat and just enjoy each other’s company. No one at the gathering makes you feel like they’ve got better things to do, or places to be. Maybe it’s because we often visit on holidays, but it feels like a throwback to days gone by.

Six years ago today, when Glenn’s mom was still in her house, his aunt and cousins visited his mother’s house. I don’t remember much from that specific visit, all of the visits tend to blend together into one big memory. But, what I do remember is how Seldon took to Glenn’s cousin Mark. So, in the photo, you’ll see Seldon sidled up next to Mark at the kitchen table. He’s seems so proud to have his picture taken with Mark, and you can tell that Mark likes Seldon.

Over the years Mark and Seldon have developed a bit of a special relationship. Mark is getting married this weekend. We have yet to meet his bride, but hope that we will one day soon. Congratulations Mark! Our family is so happy for you and your new family.


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