Day 27 – Once Upon a Table

24 Jul

When driving by those little cafes with their colourful sandwich boards out front boasting the best ‘this’ or the best ‘that’ in the province, state or even country, I take that information with a grain of salt. Obviously they’re trying to market their food. However, if they can say it is the best and back it up somehow through awards or big name reviews, there is often something to the claim. Last Sunday, I ate the best sandwich in New Jersey, but I think it may very well be the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. And, it didn’t even have cheese in it; shocking, I know.

Last week Glenn and I were in New Jersey visiting his mom. I wrote my blogs ahead of time and scheduled them to post on their own while we were away. So, now I have some road-trip happenings to share. I thank my friend Leanne for mentioning how she did this in her pre-vacation post last year.

So, I spent a whole week away, just 45 minutes west of NYC and our trip did include a day in the city, and my first post is about a sandwich I ate over a week ago? Yes, it was THAT good.

Last Sunday, we visited Chester, a quaint little town in New Jersey that is well known for its fine craft stores. In fact, Glenn co-owned a store there once upon a time. Most of the businesses are located along four blocks on Main Street and a few side streets off of Main. When we first drove into Chester there was this little cafe on the right that had a few tables along a long covered porch. Their sandwich board read, “The best gourmet sandwiches in New Jersey.” We parked at the other end and started walking, and when someone mentioned lunch I suggested we check out this cafe. I didn’t even know the name of the place.

Once Upon a Table is actually a cafe and a furniture store. The furniture looked antique but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mix of antique and made to look antique. But, the best thing about this place was definitely the food. The woman working the counter was pleasant and helped us to decide what to order, and she even asked where we were from. She seem genuinely shocked when I told her New Brunswick, Canada.

I ordered the Oven Roasted Fresh Turkey Breast with Cranberry Chutney, Walnuts, Sliced Granny Smith Apples and Green Leaf Lettuce on Tuscan Manor Bread. Only a twenty minute drive from my mother-in-law’s house means I’ll definitely be driving to Chester again just to order this sandwich. I’m no famous food critic, but I can understand why famous food critics say this place serves the best gourmet sandwiches in New Jersey.


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