Day 32 – The High Line

29 Jul

Last week we went to New Jersey and on Tuesday we went into NYC. We spent the day in the city and we started our day with a walk through the new High Line park. It has only been open for two years and the newest section just opened in June of 2011.

We got on the high line on 30th street and walked all the way to Ganesvoort St. in the meatpacking district. The park is three stories high and runs along the west side of Manhatten. It is along an old set of railway tracks that were donated by the railroad company to the city. The train used to go from the meatpacking district to uptown NYC but stopped operating decades ago. You can go to the High Line’s website and get a complete history and timeline.

It was H-O-T hot in NYC last Tuesday and we carried water with us all day. We drove into the city and parked in Port Authority and walked to 30th Street where we got on the high line. When we got to the staircase leading up to the part, there was an empty lot with lots of picnic tables, music playing, and a 40′ long bar at one end and a few food trucks at the other. It was a place called ‘The Lot’. It seemed to be a temorary, or perhaps seasonal, outdoor bar. I love NYC! We sat there and rested for a few minutes then climbed the stairs to the park.

All along the park there were gardens, places to sit, and many spots where you could stop and look over the edge to the street below and the buidings above. We had fun taking our time walking along and taking in the sights. When we got hungry for lunch we took one of the many staircases down onto the street and went to a fantastic burger place on the corner of 23rd and 10th. The New York Burger Co. was fast food NYC style. It was the best burger I’ve had in a long while.

After lunch we got back on the high line and walked it to the end. Besides the gardens, along the way we saw a few buskers, butterfly houses, people selling gellato and gourmet popsicles, the most interesting balconies in NYC, artwork displayed specifically for people walking the high line, and plenty of other people enjoying the park. This is something we’ll definitely do again.

We spent the whole day in NYC and after the highline we walked through Greenwich Village and stopped for milkshakes, we visited Ground Zero, walked by city hall and the Brooklyn Bridge and  spent time in Times Square. In another blog post I’ll highlight the rest of our day, but the High Line was fantastic and deserves a post all of its own. Here are just a few of the photos we took as we walked through the park:


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