Day 33 – Mike & Maple Curry

30 Jul

I love to make plans and know what’s coming up. But, more often than not, the best times are had when you do something spontaneous. Last night was one of those times. Yesterday, I saw on twitter that an old friend was playing at a local restaurant that we love, double whammy. So, we made last minute reservations; it ended up being a good choice.

I had never heard my friend, Mike Biggar’s, music save for a few songs online and one heard on the East Coast Music Show a few weeks ago. We actually made plans last winter to go to Saint John to hear Mike and Andy Brown play together, but weather prevented us from going. I knew Mike had a great voice; he always did. But, what was surprising was the ease with which he entertained the crowd. Not only does he play a mean guitar, but he’s a true storyteller and a bit of a comedian. It was a great dinner time show on Brewbakers rooftop patio.

When we got married, Glenn and I had our rehersal dinner at Brewbakers and we’ve gone several other times, usually with friends. Every time we’re there someone always orders the Maple Curry Chicken and raves about how good it is. The first time I had a curry dish was at a friend’s house, and I recall finding it offensive. So, I wasn’t anxious to try curry again. But, I realized that another dish I order at a different restuarant was a curry based dish and I love that. So last night, I went for it, and I must say it makes me want to go back to Brewbakers for dinner again sometime soon. Do you ever do that? Someone tells you how good something is, but you’re not ready to hear it. Then, weeks, months or even years later you ‘discover’ that same thing, all on on your own. Brewbakers Maple Curry Chicken, awesome!

Since I began blogging frequently I’ve started this other habit that some find strange. I photograph much of the yummy food I eat. Usually it is meals out, but sometimes it’s something I make. I only take photos of my food so I can share them on my blog; that’s not weird, right?

These are two do-overs. I’ll definitely make plans to see Mike Biggar perform again sometime soon, and now when we’re deciding where to go for dinner, there’s a good reason to choose Brewbakers–Maple Curry goodness.


One Response to “Day 33 – Mike & Maple Curry”

  1. Leanne August 20, 2011 at 10:41 AM #

    My FAVOURITE!!!! Oh, you are sooooo making me miss Brewbakers right now! Wish I had read this while I was still in NB!

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