Day 35 – That’s not funny!

1 Aug

They’re playing those pesky back-to-school TV commercials. Are you thinking about buying school supplies yet? I’ve already started. It’s not because I’m particularly looking forward to school starting, but because I bought them cheap in New Jersey when we were there last month.

Every August, Staples runs this television commercial that uses the popular holiday song, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I think it is a clever and amusing advertisement. I assume most parents who work outside of the home do look forward to school starting again in the fall. If your children are in elementary school or younger you’ve got potential childcare issues. If they’re older, then thet’re sleeping in and staying up late and disrupting the natural sleep patterns in your house. Children of all ages need routine; heck, even adults need routine. So, it’s easy to see why parents would find this commercial amusing.

Seldon on the other hand does NOT find it amusing. His expression was much like that of the children in the ad who were not impressed at their parent’s exuberance. I think this commercial was first aired in 2009. Seldon was only ten years-old then, and I’ll never forget his reaction. “They think that’s funny? That’s not funny! They just want to get rid of their kids.” Who knew a ten year-old could think so critically about a television commercial? Just when I thought he was constantly and mindlessly glued to that thing, he comes out with a well thought out and passionate criticism.

“Are you excited to get rid of me when school starts?”

I replied, “Of course not honey!” as I attempted to stifle my laughter.


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