Day 37 – World Trade Center Monument

3 Aug

Two weeks ago we visited NYC. In a previous blog I posted about our morning, walking the High Line. When we we got off the highline we walked through Greenwich Village. It was on a hot July day, mid-afternoon and we were hot and tired. Like an oasis in the dessert we found this great place to stop for a milkshake, get free wi-fi for the first time in days, and soak up some glorious AC. We stopped at the Chocolate Bar on 8th Avenue and rest our bones.

After our milkshake break we hopped on the subway and took it down to Ground Zero. We watched the construction, then went into the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center to get a better view. We hung out there for a while watching the construction some more. We watched a huge crane lift a generator into the foundation of a building. We visited Ground Zero in 2007 and they were just starting the process of rebuilding then. If was fun to see the progress.

When we left the Winter Garden we went to a World Trade Center Memorial preview. There were photos of the news coverage, artwork made from the wreckage and a huge model of what the new World Financial Center and memorial will look like. We took a photo of it, but you could probably get a better idea of what it will look like by visiting the memorial website. The thing that I think is the most interesting about the memorial is that there will be two reflecting pools in the foundations of the original buildings. What a fantastic way to preserve the original space where the buildings were.

From Ground Zero, we walked by city hall and got a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, we took the subway uptown to Times Square, went into a few stores and hung out there for a few hours. We finished our day with a great dinner at The Pig ‘N Whistle, a quiet and quaint Irish Pub on West 47th.

After dinner we walked back through Times Square to retrieve our vehicle at Port Authority. We stopped into the Billabong/Element store and got a couple of t-shirts for the kids. As we exited the Lincoln Tunnel on the New Jersey side we were driving into the most beautiful sunset. I reached for my camera, but by the time I dug it out of the backpack it was too late. It was certainly a day we won’t soon forget.


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