Day 39 – My Nemesis

5 Aug

Day 39 reminds me that I’m 39, soon to be 40. If my 40 Before 40 list were a pregnancy I’d be ripe and ready. Nine months ago I created a list of forty things I wanted to accomplish before I turn forty. Tomorrow I’ll have exactly six more months to complete my list. Ugh! If I had divided the tasks evenly over the time I allotted myself to complete them, I should have completed 24 by now. I’ve done exactly nine. Double ugh! But, no pressure, right?

I know now that I will not do everything on my list, but I don’t regret putting it out there at all. Let me share some of the wonderful things that I’ve learned, or done as a result of my list:

  • I’ve got a great new haircut that I LOVE!
  • I rekindled a wonderful friendship, not necessarily because of the list but I’m grateful that I did.
  • I drank a glass of red wine with my neighbours at Christmas-time. It was then that I learned the error in my thinking. I thought that white wine was milder, and that if I learned to like it first that I’d eventually learn to like red wine. Not true! I didn’t really have to learn to like red wine. I just like it. I still don’t care much for white wine.
  • Not only did I give cantaloupe a second chance, but I’ve truly learned to like it.
  • I also learned that blogging, while worthwhile, can be a way for my to procrastinate doing other, equally important, things.

So, here’s my list; which item should I tackle next? If you look at the list you’ll see the ones I’ve accomplished crossed out and the ones I’ve blogged about have a hyperlink to them. I’m making plans to tackle some of the other items and I’m in the midst of tackling others but there are some very easy things on my list that I have not touched. Procrastination–my nemesis.


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