Day 41 – Anniversary & Cruise

7 Aug

It feels like it was just a couple of years ago that Glenn and I got married, and really seven years is not all that long ago. But, when you’ve got children, seven years is a long time. Savanna was only 8 and Seldon was 5. My how they’ve grown. Glenn and I, on the other hand, haven’t changed one bit. Okay, maybe just a little. In seven years there have been so many changes in all of our lives.

Glenn has obtained landed immigrant status in Canada. We celebrated his fiftieth (and fifty-fifth) birthday, and he was integral in moving Bens Trophies & Awards from Gibson to St. Mary’s and getting the new website up and running. I got my ‘B’ contract, transferred to Leo Hayes and started and completed my Masters of Education in Literacy. Savanna has gone from elementary to middle school and is now entering her sophomore year in High School. She has played basketball at a competitive level for several years in a row, and is on her way to becoming a certified lifeguard. Now she’s spending her first summer away from home. Seldon has completed his first seven years of public schooling. Now he’s playing competitive basketball as well and he’s playing trumpet in his school’s band. What a fantastic seven years it has been.

Today, we didn’t leave home. Savanna was home for a visit and had to leave before noon, so we let her sleep in and spent the rest of the morning helping her get ready to go back to camp. I dedicated the next several hours to researching and planning a family vacation. By suppertime, we had a family vacation planned, a cruise on the Norwegian Epic. If you saw the episode of Undercover Boss that featured the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Epic was one of the ships featured on the show. I used the online article “10 Best Ships for Teens” to help decide which cruises to consider.

I learned a few things while researching different cruises. You cannot compare two different cruise lines by comparing the initial prices given when you choose a cruise. Some companies include taxes and gratuities and some don’t. Some cruises include most food, drink and entertainment and some don’t. You need to really research, and in some cases call and ask questions. Plus, the old adage, you get what you pay for, rings true. Also, I learned that it is more economical to find your own flight and pre-cruise accommodations. So, some ‘conveniences’ are not worth the added cost.

Seven years ago, our wedding was a family affair. Those who attended the wedding will remember that Glenn promised his love to Savanna and Seldon that day too. With Glenn’s mom visiting with us for three weeks and getting Savanna ready to go back to Caton’s Island for the rest of the summer, today was a family day. It was the perfect day to plan our next family vacation, and we’re thrilled to have it booked. As for our anniversary, we’ll have a more intimate celebration in a few weeks. A dinner out perhaps, but we’ll really celebrate in a few months when we take our first cruise as a family.


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