Day 46 – Eggplant & Ricotta Pizza

12 Aug

Every time we go to visit Glenn’s mom in New Jersey we always do Chinese take-out the night we get there and get a pizza the night before we leave. It’s become our ritual, a family tradition perhaps. Other than family, when asked what he misses about New Jersey, Glenn always says the availability of quality restaurants. Oh we have a few really great pubs and even fewer great restaurants here, but where Glenn’s from in New Jersey there are countless fantastic independent restaurants. Even the chain restaurants are better than the chains we have here.

I remember one time when we were in my favourite Chinese restaurant in Fredericton and Glenn asked the obviously Chinese owner which province in China the food was from. She said, “Fredericton.” He repeated the question because he assumed she didn’t understand. She understood perfectly and repeated the original response, “Fredericton,” with a smile. I still love the food, but understand that it is not authentic ethnic cuisine.

Two ethnic foods that simply are not done the same way in our little corner of the world are Chinese food and pizza. I’ve taken to making my own pizza. It’s not the same as getting it from Anthony’s in Rockaway, but it’s closer than anything we can buy here. So, tonight I made one of Glenn’s favourites, Eggplant with Ricotta. Sadie fried the eggplant for me, but I’ll do it myself the time after next. There was enough left over to freeze for the next time. I make my dough in the bread machine, the sauce is homemade with our basil that grows in pots on our deck and we buy our mozzarella in New Jersey.

Even though it isn’t my favourite, I tried it and it was good. Glenn liked it a lot, and it is definitely a do-over. I love finding new vegetarian dishes. Eventually, I think I’d like to have a couple of nights a week where we don’t eat meat at all. Here are the photos:


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