Day 51 – Protection Provided

17 Aug

On Monday I got one of those phone calls no parent ever wants to get.

Last Saturday we drove to New Jersey. We were taking Glenn’s mom back home and planned on staying until today. It was going to be just us and Seldon because Savanna is still at Caton’s Island. We had considered allowing Seldon to go camping in Fundy with the church youth group, but decided that he ought to come with us. We were leaving Saturday and coming back Wednesday, but the trip was from Sunday to Tuesday. Seldon stayed with my parents in July when we went to NJ the first time, so I didn’t want to ask them to watch him again. But, when they offered, we reconsidered and Seldon expressed a desire to go on the trip. So, why not?

I talked to Seldon on Saturday night and assumed I wouldn’t hear from again until Tuesday after the camping trip. On Monday afternoon, Glenn and I were in Best Buy and we missed a phone call from the youth pastor. He left a message asking me to call. I knew this couldn’t be good. So, I went outside and immediately called him back. He said, “Seldon has been in a car accident, but he’s okay. He has a minor scratch on his knee, but he’s on the way to the Moncton hospital just as a precaution. We are on our way there now to meet them at the hospital.” Then I started with the questions. When we hung up he told me to call my mother. He had already been talking to her.

Whew! Seldon and everyone else in the car was okay. But, we immediately left Best Buy anyway and went back to Sadie’s house to call mom, but when we walked through the door my mother was already on the phone. This is when I learned that the car had rolled. With this news I was little more rattled. My 12 year-old son was in a pretty big car accident in Moncton and I was a 12 hour drive away in another country. I had to remind myself to keep it in perspective; everyone was okay.

Here’s the youth pastor’s account of the accident:

Also, on Monday, on our way from our campsite to a beach just outside of Fundy National Park we lost the last car in our four-car convoy through the twisty-turny roads of Fundy. After the rest of us arrived at our destination, we could not contact our last car and where they may have ended up. After 45 minutes of unsuccessful contact with the driver and the students (Rogers literally has 0 reception in Fundy), we assumed they went back to the campsite. A volunteer from the Alma fire department found us and informed us that our lost car was in a car accident. Our driver, along with three students, took a nasty corner and flipped the car and halted on its roof into a ditch. Nathalie and I immediately drove to the Moncton Hospital where our 3 students and 1 leaders were taken by ambulance. Too make a long story short (and an even longer wait in the outpatients waiting room), all the came of the accident was an abrasion on the hand and a mild concussion.

Let me pause here.

That’s pretty amazing. If you had seen the car flipped on its roof in the ditch, seen the tire marks on the road, seen the broken windshield, or seen the looks of horror on our faces when we heard about the accident, you may have thought it was much more serious than it was. Thing is, God’s hand of protection was on Seldon, Ben, Shea, and Jamie-Lynn. I don’t care what kind of scenario you can dream up to explain what kept those four lives from sustaining any greater injuries but I can positively assure you that God provided safety and protection on our group; there is no other explanation than God’s faithfulness and answer to our prayers and the prayers of the church (once news crept out onto the social networks of Twitter and Facebook). When I found Shea and Seldon in a separate wating room in the hospital, the very first thing Seldon said to me was, “praise the Lord we were safe”.

I won’t try to say it any better myself.

Glenn and I continued with our evening as planned and went out with family for dinner, but the whole time I was thinking, these are the kind of things that happen and someone appears fine and they get to the hospital and learn they have internal bleeding. So, by the time we got back to Sadie’s place a couple of hours later, armed with the youth pastor’s cell phone number, I decided that I need to hear Seldon’s voice for myself.

I had to laugh at how he described the accident and the subsequent ambulance ride as ‘cool’. After I heard his sweet voice and listened to his story of the accident, I said, “Well, at least you’ll have a great story to tell.”

“Mom,” he said with a note of amused surprise in his voice, “you’re taking this much better than I thought you would.”

In the end, the leader driving the car broke his hand in the accident and one of the other kids in the car had a concussion. Seldon’s scraped knee turned out to be a scab he reopened while climbing out of the car through the open window. He indeed has a great story to tell, one of angel protection. I am so grateful for those who prayed!


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