Day 55 – Mexicali Rosa’s

21 Aug

Tonight we decided to take Seldon out to Relish, and to our surprise, it’s not opened on Sunday. So, his second choice was Mexicali Rosa’s. I agreed because I wanted to go somewhere special for Seldon. The last few times we’ve eaten there I’ve been disappointed.

It was a nice night, so we sat outside on the deck. I tried to keep an open mind and tried not to be critical. ‘Tried’ being the key word. We used to love Mexi’s. There are really only two choices for Mexican food in Fredericton. Although Mexi’s food isn’t quite as good as the other place, it used to have the best overall combination of service, quality of food and value. It still may, we haven’t been back to El Burrito Loco in years. We had several bad experiences with their service in a row and haven’t been back since.

So, there we were, and I was giving Mexi’s another chance. In the last couple of years, I have found their service slow, their prices jacked up, and the portions cut. I ordered a club sandwich and it was okay. I know, I know, why go to a Mexican restaurant and order a club sandwich? Well, remember, it wasn’t my choice to go there. If I had ordered exactly what I wanted I would have orderd the Nachos con pollo, but there was no way I was paying $16 for nachos.

I wasn’t disappointed with the quality of my food, or the portions for the value, but I was disappointed that the server failed to inform us of the specail. I would have ordered that had I known. I was disappointed to pay $3 for 8 ounces of diet pepsi and not to be offered a refill. I was disappointed that when my son ordered a rootbeer, the server didn’t mention to me that the it wasn’t fountain pop and therefore not a free refill. The complimentary chips and salsa that most mexican restaurants serve were a joke. A little basket with 12 chips for three people? Why bother Mexi’s? The family of four with two adult children next to us got the same. We were not offered more of these either. The food came quickly enough, but not before the table next to us even though we sat down and ordered before they did.

I’d be happy to give up on finding good Mexican food in Fredericton. But, the men in my family feel differently. Maybe it’s time to give the other guys a second try? I’m skeptical. Perhaps I’ll have to learn to make it, other than the tacos, fajitas and nachos we occasionally already make at home.


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