Day 58 – My summer has been GREAT!

24 Aug

Last night I went out again with my good friend Marueen. We went for dinner at The Lunar Rogue, then went to Officer’s Square for the outdoor concert, Ross Neilsen & the Sufferin Bastards. Glenn and ZuZu met us at the concert. When I got there, I was looking all through the crowd to find him and I saw a colleague pointing and assumed he was pointing me toward my husband. I looked to find Glenn and when I turned back to wave at my colleague, he had already turned his head in conversation.

We sat down and were enjoying the concert and conversation. But, I thought I better go say hello to my colleague and thank him for pointing me in the right direction. I haven’t seen him since June, so naturally he asked, “How has your summer been?”

To which I replied, “Great!”

“Great!? Most people who have had good summers say good, or nice, but ‘great’; that’s fantastic!”

I found myself saying, “It really has been.”

I could look back over my summer and dwell on all of the things that I didn’t accomplish or lament about the times I should have taken to rest instead of doing something else, but I’m going to choose to look back through my blog and see everything I have done this summer. At least that’s what I’m going to do tonight. Maybe on Sunday, when I know I have to get up and go to work the next day, I’ll feel differently, but I won’t let myself live in the state of self-pity for too long. I HAVE had a great summer. I got to spend ten days at the cottage with my family and a whole week with my niece, brother and sister-in-law. Glenn and I made two trips to New Jersey where we shopped a lot, did a few touristy things that included a day in NYC. I really got into my groove at the gym trying a bunch of new classes including, accidently of course, body combat. I was lucky enough to go to the best workshop I’ve attended in my whole career. And, I’ve read some great books. I’ve spent quality time with friends and family, and blogged all along the way. With my last two summers cut short by course work for my masters, this one has been a fabulous, university course free, summer.

Of course it would be nice to have another week or two, but after having nearly nine weeks off, I’m willing to admit that I’m ready (and need) to go back to work/school. I never know what to call it; it’s both work and school. The laissez faire days of summer are nearly over, and they’ll only really last to relieve my work related stress until the late January snow becomes unbearable. But, I can live with that, because then it’s the hope of another beautiful summer like this one that keeps me sane. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I really love what I do.

I’m not going to promise not to complain over the next few days about what I didn’t do. Remember that list that I wrote on Saturday about the stuff I didn’t do this summer that I’d like to try to squeeze into this week? Pfft, yeah, pfft, right! But, I’m okay with that too. I might grumble a little, most at myself, but my prevailing attitude is one of joy and gratefulness. I’m glad that I can say I’ve had a great summer and have the blog to prove it.


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