Day 59 – Way to go Trader Joe!

25 Aug

When we were in NJ we went to Trader Joe’s. It’s a small chain of grocery stores that specializes in organic and natural foods. We got all kinds of interesting and different things. Most of their products are their own brand. The ethnic foods even have a variation of the Trader Joe brand name. The Italian food was labeled Trader Giotto’s and the Chinese food was Trader Ming’s. One of my favourite finds is Trader Joe’s Cheese Sticks. They are sharp cheddar crunchy sourdough twists. I’d like these even if they weren’t only one weight watcher point.

Another product was called Trader Joe’s Harvest Grain Blend. It’s mostly couscous but has quinoa, split baby garbanzo beans and red and green orzo in it too. I sautéed celery and onions in olive oil then added organic chicken broth according to the package directions and cooked the blend in the liquid. Then, I sautéed boneless skinless chicken breasts and added chunks of chicken and cooked frozen peas to the grain blend once everything was cooked. What a yummy, one-pot meal. Now I’m wishing we had bought more than one bag.

We also bought goat cheese, organic popcorn, organic blueberry preserves, roasted red pepper & artichoke tapenade, and organic chicken sausages. Even though we haven’t tried any of these other products yet, I expect they’ll be fantastic. Way to go Trader Joe!


One Response to “Day 59 – Way to go Trader Joe!”

  1. Marg August 26, 2011 at 2:07 PM #

    you’ll have to post this in the foodie group, LOL

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