Day 60 – Political Revival

26 Aug

Tonight we were just about to sit down in the family room to relax and I said to Glenn, “You know, I think social media will be responsible for reviving society’s interest in politics.”

He laughed. “That was random.”

It was a random thing for me to suddenly say, but I’ve been thinking about this all day. It amuses me how the entire country is grieving for Jack Layton. I understand how people who support the NDP party feel a sense of loss, even though many have never met Jack in person. I’m not talking about party supporters; I mean, if everyone who expressed grief on facebook and twitter over Jack Layton’s death had voted for him we’d have just lost our Prime Minister. However, if it were not for facebook and twitter, I would never have read his final letter.

When I was in my twenties, I voted only because it was my civic duty. But, I probably did more harm than good. I had no idea what I was doing. I let other people sway my opinions and I voted without researching or checking myself for what I thought and believed. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve taken more interest in things political, and I still have a lot to learn.

I get most of my news from following news organizations on twitter. I think this is they way of the future. There are important conversations happening on twitter, in 140 characters or less. I think that young people (voters) will be influenced to become interested and get involved in social and political issues as a result of their participation in social media.

Even though I think some of the discussion and expressions of grief over Jack Layton’s death is a result of social media hype and tweeters jumping on a bandwagon, I think there is an equal amount of Canadians who feel grief for a good man who had a heart for Canada regardless of their political affiliations. I see Canadians who understand this disease called cancer all too well, and how it takes many of our own far too young. More than at any other time in history, social media allows us to express those thoughts and feelings and feel a sense of unity as a people.

I believe social media will bring both a revival in social and political awareness, as well as a renewed and strengthened sense of national pride.


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