Day 61 – A Taste of Freedom

27 Aug

My daughter has been away at Caton’s Island all summer and I miss her terribly. I haven’t seen her in almost a month now. I’ve been trying to reach her all evening and she hasn’t answered my texts or calls and that’s not helping my state of mind. I’m not worried, but I’d still like to hear from her.

This summer, she’s had her first real taste of freedom. She’s been living in a dorm with a group of other girls her age. She has mostly been responsible for herself, except when she has also been responsible for a group of younger girls. She’s been counseling camp, and having a fantastic summer. The first week was rough, not because she was homesick, but I think there was a tough adjustment period to having very little privacy.

She was supposed to be home tomorrow, but is having such a good summer she’s postponed coming home until Tuesday. She has volunteered to stay behind to help clean up the island. I’m proud of her for choosing to volunteer her entire summer by working at a kid’s camp, and I’m sure she has learned some of the responsibility that comes along with freedom. However, I must say that I’m a wee bit concerned that she’s also learned to be independent and self-reliant to the point where it might be a challenge for her to be happy at home, at least initially. Hopefully, it will only take that first week back home for her to adjust to family life and the responsibilities of home.

Three more sleeps until I get to see my girl!


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