16 Sep

I’ve been kidnapped by a poet;
Betcha can’t guess his name.
Nye could, but she knows
all about his
floating words.

His loud omissions are
more profound than mine.
In his youth, he did not die
and was called ‘a good man’.
This, I believe is true.

He inspires many to keep their
little light lit,
dispelling dreaded darkness.
He writes of wooded
mountain roads and
the difficult things that
happen there.

Books become part
of who he is, and
he leaves a piece of himself
inside each one he reads.

I’ve been kidnapped by a poet
who is sure there is
nothing you can be given
that is ‘greater than now’,
this present we live in.

I’ve been kidnapped by a poet,
but I like it here.
I think I’ll stay for a while.


One Response to “Kidnapped”


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    […] I posted it to my personal blog. I still have to revise and edit, so what I’m sharing here is my draft. I may share it with my students after we’ve read some more of William […]

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