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17 Jul

Words have power,
Power to soothe a broken heart,
Power to show love and hate.

Words bring us out of our solitude
and keep us from despair.
We can use our words to

our words are spoken too quickly,
without enough thought.
In that way,
we can use our words to
put down

Our ability to use words to express
our thoughts, opinions and feelings
is what makes us human.

Words have power, so use them wisely.



14 Jul

I see you.
You think no one notices you.
But, I see you standing there

I see
your hands in your pockets
like you were standing by the river
on a lovely fall afternoon.

“Do something!”

Instead, you watch
and see how violence meets depair
and you are immune.

I don’t blame you,
but I don’t want my child to become you,
or the soldier.

Truth Yet to Find

10 Jul

A young woman looking for truth,
On my first day of school I have hope.
To comfort me–my family.

An innocent thought, I find myself thinking
An innocent idea,
Will I forget what this feels like?
To be so full of hope and wonder.
I hope I don’t.

I go to the “virtual classroom”
and “meet” people I may never see
I learn about innocence.

Now comes the time to look back
and see how the truth has changed.
Now comes the time to look forward
and see the truth I have yet to find.

Marian Wright Edelman

7 Jul

There is strength and depth in her eyes
She’s seen hardship in her life
But, she has come through victorious
Now she knows what it truly means
to be happy
She is proud; she should be

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